Alameda County Schools Insurance Group

Worker’s Compensation

philadelphia-teacherThe Alameda County Schools Insurance Group (ACSIG) was founded in 1978 for the purpose of self-insuring for Workers’ Compensation claims exposure. This core program has grown throughout the past 32 years and now includes 19 member agencies and employee payroll of $837,977,897. At inception ACSIG was a 100% self-insured program. Beginning in 1979, ACSIG began purchasing reinsurance to provide for catastrophe claims. As of July 1, 2009, ACSIG reinsures for $1 coverage in the Workers Compensation Program through the Projected Insurance Program for Schools (PIPS).

A Janitor Cleans School GroundsAnyone working for the district is insured while on the job. Any injury or illness which occurs while you are on vacation, sick leave, or otherwise away from the job is not covered under workers compensation.

If you are injured on the job you should apply first aid and file an “Employee’s Report of Workers’ Compensation Injury” form immediately with your supervisor or district human resources office. Remember, it is the employee’s responsibility to file this form as an official notice that an on-the-job injury has occurred. Failure to do so may jeopardize your rights to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation claims are paid and administered by ACSIG’s third-party administrator, Keenan & Associates through the Keenan & Associates Prime Program Network.

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